The Monster Book Of Monsters

Rachelle. Charlie. Nacho B. Luigi. Call me what you want, cos it seems I'm collecting names.
I'm a 20-year-old girl who spends a good 95% of my time pretending to be British, and the other 5% wishing I was.
Potterhead / Whovian / LOTR-Lover. Yeah, I guess you could call me a geek. Oh, look. Another name -____-

Tattoos // Piercings // UK // Indie Style // Human Rights // Disney // Kingdom Hearts // Guys & Girls // Rock, Punk, Metal, Screamo // Other random shit I'm into

Drop a lovely message if you wanna know more xx

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Myself and Stavros from Bluejuice :)

Myself and Stavros from Bluejuice :)

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